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Since 2007, La Fav has been dedicated to creating authenticity within the cannabis industry. Having experienced every phase the market has gone through, we’ve created a standard by producing the highest quality product, consistently… Living up to our motto “La Fav, always the favorite.”

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Our Yoda OG  has consistently tested at 26-28% THC over the years. We have been growing these genetics since 08′. The initial sativa rush brings you up while the indica side of this strain brings you down and leaves an ever lasting experience.

Santa’s Gift (OG)

Santa’s gift is a  70/30 indica dominant hybrid with a heavy terpene profile. Smelling like fresh lemons and crushed pine, this strain takes a bit longer to collect during harvest but the feeling it  provides is well worth the wait.

Pink Cookies

Pink Cookies comes from Yoda OG crossed with GSC. It smells like sweet gas and leaves your nostrils fired up! It tests in the mid 20’s but locks you in for a while with an indica heavy high.

Cookie Jam

We crossed Blue Sherbet and GSC to create our darkest and tastiest flower yet. It starts darkening up within the 3rd week of flowering and will not stop until it purple/black. It tastes like a juicy fruit bowl and will be a favorite day or night.


Another hard hitting indica dominant OG perfect for night time use. It tastes like juicy grape from the first hit to the last. 23-24% THC will leave you hypnotized.

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